Floral Wedding Centerpieces Pictures - Ivory Roses Wedding Bouquet.

Floral Wedding Centerpieces Pictures

floral wedding centerpieces pictures
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Whimsical Fairy Tale Mushroom Wedding Bouquet
Whimsical Fairy Tale Mushroom Wedding Bouquet
Here's one picture of the finished custom order :) The bouquet features a combination of vintage and new textile elements that have been hand and machine sewn, vintage and new buttons, and pretty satin ribbons. The bouquet also includes 5 buttons from the family members of the bride (her mom's wedding dress & from her soon to be husbands baby clothes) and her Nana's scarf ring. The entire bouquet was made using no harm techniques so all the buttons and her Nana's scarf ring can be recycled and repurposed in the years to come.
Cake Centerpieces
Cake Centerpieces
These next few pictures are from our own wedding. In lieu of a floral centerpiece, we had centerpiece cakes on each table. The cakes were placed on handmade stained wooden boxes (made by Caleb and my dad) in a bed of live wheat grass.

floral wedding centerpieces pictures