Ruling on Credit Cards

Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen, may Allah have mercy upon him, was asked
regarding credit cards, so he said, "It is a transaction that is
haraam, the reason being that it is an agreement built upon ribaa.
Even if he where to pay before the deadline, he has still agreed to
ribaa, so this haraam."

Refer to the Book, "Al-Liqaa'ul Maftuuh", Volume one, page 499,
question number 637

Sheikh Albaani, may Allah have mercy upon him, was asked about credit
cards, so he replied, "The end result of these cards is ribaa."

In that same tape, the questioner mentioned that he asked Sheikh Abdur
Razaaq Al-'Afeefee the same question and he replied, "These cards are
interest based."

Refer to tape number 304 of silsilatul Huda wan noor.

Also from those who said that possessing such cards are haraam, are
Sheikh Muqbil bin Haadee and Sheikh Yahyaa Al Hajooree.