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AQUAEXCEL EC Project: Aquaculture Infrastructures for Excellence in European fish research AQUAEXCEL Project 
AQUAFIRST Combined genetic and functional genomic approaches for stress and disease resistance marker assisted selection in fish and shellfish AQUAFIRST Project 
AQUAFUNC & AQUAGENOME Aquaculture Genomics Project Supported through the EC AQUAFUNC Project 
Aquagenomics Spanish Project on Aquaculture Genomics Aquagenomics Project 
Aquatic Animal Diseases Significant to Asia-Pacific A Field Guide from the Australian Government and NACA Asia-Pacific Disease Field Guide Database A network devoted to tracking and forecasting aquatic animal disease Database 
AquaVetMed Aquatic Veterinarians and Disease Diagnostic Laboratories  Aqua Vets Directory Database 
ASEM Aquaculture BMP Better Management Practices Workpackage of the ASEM Aquaculture Platform ASEM Aquaculture BMP Project 
ASEM Aquaculture Platform Main web site of the ASEM Aquaculture Platform ASEM Aquaculture Project 
ASSEMBLE EC Infrastructure Project: Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories ASSEMBLE Project 
AVINSI Anti Viral Infection Non-Specific Immunity AVINSI Project 
Codex Alimentarius FAO-WHO Food standards guidelines Codex Alimentarius Document 
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms Peer reviewed journal from Inter-Research Journal 
EAFP European Association of Fish Pathologists Organisation 
EATIP Aquatic Animal Health & Welfare European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform Thematic Area on Aquatic Animal Health & Welfare EATIP Aquatic Animal Health & Welfare Project 
EAVLD European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians EAVLD Organisation 
EC FP7 KBBE Projects in Fisheries & Aquaculture Catalogue of EC funded projects under the 7th Framework RTD Programme, Knowledge Based Bio Economy, Theme 2 - Fisheries, Aquaculture, Food Safety & Quality and Marine Biotechnology Projects EC FP7 KBBE Projects Document 
EMbaRC EC Infrastructure Project: European Consortium of Microbial Resource Centres EMbaRC Project 
EMPRES Global Animal Disease Information System (Does not currently include aquatic animal diseases) EMPRES Database 
ESGI EC Infrastructure Project: European Sequencing and Genotyping Infrastructure ESGI Project 
EurOcean European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology EurOcean Portal 
European Medicines Agency Information about Veterinary medicines that are authorised through this central authorisation procedure. Also provides links to national competent veterinary authorities EMA Organisation 
European Virus Archive EC Infrastructure Project to collect, characterise, standardise and distribute viruses and derived products The EVA Project Project 
FAO - DIAS Database on Introductions of Aquatic Species FAO-DIAS Database 
Federation of Veterinarians of Europe European organisation representing veterinary interests FVE Organisation 
FHS-AFS Fish Health Section of the Asian Fisheries Society Organisation 
FishBase Major database of fish species and biology FishBase Database 
Fish Veterinary Society Fish Veterinary Society of the United Kingdom Fish Veterinary Society Organisation 
GLEWS Global Early Warning and Response System for Major Animal Diseases including Zoonoses (Does not yet include aquatic animal diseases) GLEWS Database 
Imaquanim Project on improved immunity of aquacultured animals Inaquanim Project 
INNOFISK European Network for Innovative Aquaculture INNOFISK Project 
International Database on Aquatic Animal Diseases Database of OIE listed aquatic animal disease outbreaks maintained by CEFAS (UK) IDAAD Database 
Japanese Society of Fish Pathology Publisher of "Fish Pathology" JSFP Organisation 
Journal of Aquatic Animal Health Peer reviewed journals from the American Fisheries Society Journal 
Journal of Fish and Shellfish Immunology Peer reviewed journal from Elsevier Journal 
Journal of Fish Diseases Peer reviewed journal from Wiley/Blackwell Journal 
Marine Genomics Project US based project providing an interface for public transciptomic and genomic data and analysis tools.relevant to the marine environment MarineGenomics Project 
MG4U Marine Genomics for Users - EU Technology Transfer Project MG4U Project 
NACA Aquatic Animal Health Programme Network of Aquaculture Centre in Asia Pacific News and Resources NACA Aquatic Animal Health Programme Portal 
OIE Aquatic Animal Commission & Reports Reports and other updates from the OIE Aquatic Animal Commission  OIE Aquatic Animal Commission Organisation 
OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code Comprehensive guidelines on aquatic animal disease management OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code Document 
OIE Aquatic Animal Health Manual Manual of diagnostic tests for aquatic animals OIE Aquatic Manual Document 
P-CUBE EC Project: Infrastructure for Protein Production Platforms P-CUBE Project 
PD Trination An International Initiative on Pancreas Disease PD Trination Project 
Pescalex Diagnostic Tool Online tool to support communication between farmers and fish health professionals concerning the diagnosis of fish disease problems Pescalex Diagnostic Tool Tool 
Pescalex Project  Project to develop open source and multilingual fish health tools Pescalex Project 
PRIME-XS EC Infrastructure Project: Proteomics Research Infrastructure Maximising knowledge EXchange and acceS PRIME-XS Project 
ReproFish EC RTD project on fish reproduction ReproFish Project 
SeafoodPlus Seafood Plus Integrated Research Project  SeafoodPlus Project 
SLING EC Infrastructure Project: Serving Life-science Information for the Next Generation SLING Project 
The Japanese Society of Fish Pathology Publisher of "Fish Pathology" JSFP Organisation 
The Network of Animal Disease Infectiology Research Facilities EC Infrastructure Project for work on infectious disease agents in animals (including fish) NADIR Project 
The use of veterinary drugs and vaccines in Mediterranean aquaculture CIHEAM-IAMZ 2009 CIHEAM Document 
TRANSVAC European Network of Vaccine Research and Development (EC Infrastructure Project) TRANSVAC Project 
UPM Aquatic Animal Health Unit Blog site for the Universiti Putra Malaysia Aquatic Animal Health Unit UPM AAHU Organisation 
VetBact Swedish Database of Bacteria of importance in veterinary medicine VetBact Database 
WAHID The WAHID Interface provides access to all data held within OIE's new World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS) (Including aquatic animal diseases) OIE - WAHID Database 
WAVMA World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association WAVMA Organisation 
ZFIN The Zebrafish Model Organism Database ZFIN Database 
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