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The following list mainly comprises new notifications issued by OIE and listed at Follow up reports are also available from this address.
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DiseaseCulture SpeciesDateCountryRegion/AreaSource
DiseaseCulture SpeciesDateCountryRegion/AreaSource
Infectious salmon anaemia virus Atlantic salmon November 27, 2014 Norway Troms WAHID 
Oyster herpes virus Pacific oyster November 18, 2014 Sweden Strömstad, VÄSTRA GÖTALANDS LÄN WAHID 
Gyrodactylus salaris Atlantic salmon September 4, 2014 Norway Rana WAHID 
Perkinsus olseni New Zealand green lipped mussel  August 31, 2014 New Zealand Whole Country WAHID 
Koi herpes viru common carp August 22, 2014 Romania Buzau WAHID 
New Disease Rainbow trout June 11, 2014 Norway Sogn Og Fjordane WAHID 
Spring Viraemia of Carp goldfish May 2, 2014 UK Derbyshire WAHID 
Ranavirus Bull frog April 10, 2014 Taiwan Pingtung County WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Atlantic salmon March 13, 2014 Norway Hjellberget 10808, Nord Troms, Kvænangen, TROMS WAHID 
Crayfish plague Redclaw crayfish February 18, 2014 Taiwan Ligang Township, PINGTUNG COUNTY WAHID 
Ranavirus Common Frog January 16, 2014 France Lac des merveilles, ALPES-MARITIMES WAHID 
Infectious haematopoietic necrosis Rainbow trout December 30, 2013 Croatia Gardijske Brigade & Plaški, Plaški, KARLOVACKA WAHID 
Crayfish plague Crayfish December 15, 2013 Israel BET YIZHAQ-SH. HEFER, HaSharon, HAMERKAZ WAHID 
Mikrocytos mimicus n. sp. Pacific Oyster December 6, 2013 UK Norfolk, England WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Atlantic salmon December 2, 2013 Chile Melinka, AISÉN GRAL. CARLOS IBANEZ DEL CAMPO WAHID 
Infectious salmon anaemia Atlantic salmon October 28, 2013 Norway Gulen, Sogn og Fjordane WAHID 
Red sea bream iridoviral disease Scorpion fish October 21, 2013 Japan Hutami-chou, Hygog WAHID 
Crayfish plague Signal crayfish October 18, 2013 Norway Namdal, Nord-Trondelag WAHID 
Oyster herpes virus Pacific Oyster October 14, 2013 UK Poole, Dorset, England WAHID 
Perkinsus olseni Paua (Haliotis iris) August 15, 2013 New Zealand Ruakaka, NORTHLAND WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Atlantic salmon August 2, 2013 Norway Bukaholmane Ø, Herøy, NORDLAND WAHID 
Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus Rainbow trout July 7, 2013 Croatia Kostanjevac, Krašic, ZAGREBACKA WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Atlantic salmon June 27, 2013 Norway Vesterålen, Bø, NORDLAND WAHID 
Oyster herpesvirus Pacific Oyster May 31, 2013 Span Pontevedra, Galicia WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Atlantic Salmon May 29, 2013 Norway Sandnessjøen, Helgeland, NORDLAND WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Atlantic Salmon May 28, 2013 Norway Skjervøy, Nord Troms, TROMS WAHID 
Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus Amberjack (Seriola dumerili & S. purpurascens) April 26, 2013 Japan Tsukumi Bay, OITA WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Atlantic Salmon February 1, 2013 Norway Daumannsvika, Salten , NORDLAND WAHID 
Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus Wrass December 13, 2012 United Kingdom Scotland WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Atlantic Salmon November 26, 2012 Canada Newfoundland WAHID 
Oyster Herpes Virus Pacific Oyster July 31, 2012 United Kingdom Essex WAHID 
Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus Atlantic salmon July 9, 2012 Canada Newfoundland WAHID 
Infectious salmon anaemia virus Atlantic salmon July 9, 2012 Canada Nova Scotia WAHID 
Oyster Herpes Virus Pacific oyster June 3, 2012 Ireland Sligo & Cork WAHID 
White spot syndrome virus Pacific white shrimp May 29, 2012 USA Hawaii WAHID 
Infectious salmon anaemia virus Atlantic salmon May 21, 2012 Norway More Og Romsdal WAHID 
Koi herpes virus Common carp May 8, 2012 Italy Venezia, Veneto WAHID 
Koi herpes virus Koi carp May 5, 2012 Sweden Västra Götalands län WAHID 
White spot disease virus Penaeus monodon May 3, 2012 Madagascar Entire Country WAHID 
White spot syndrome virus Blue shrimp April 4, 2012 Brunei Darussalam  WAHID 
Infectious salmon anaemia virus Atlantic salmon February 9, 2012 Canada Nova Scotia WAHID 
Crayfish plague European Freshwater Crayfish October 6, 2011 Italy Mogliano Veneto, Treviso WAHID 
Frog Ranavirus  October 4, 2011 Denmark Korsør, Slagelse, EAST WAHID 
White spot syndrome virus Whiteleg shrimp October 1, 2011 USA Hawaii WAHID 
Crayfish plague European freshwater Crayfish September 15, 2011 Italy Abruzzo WAHID 
Crayfish plague European freshwater crayfish September 5, 2011 Italy Veneto WAHID 
Whitespot syndrome virus Tiger Shrimp August 31, 2011 Mozambique Zambezia province WAHID 
Koi herpesvirus Common carp August 10, 2011 United Kingdom Sussex & Cheshire DEFRA 
Crayfish plague North American crayfish  August 10, 2011 Norway Sor-Trondelag WAHID 
Koi herpesvirus Koi carp August 8, 2011 Sweden Svartsjö, Ekerö  WAHID 
Koi herpesvirus Common carp July 20, 2011 Spain Granada, Andalucia WAHID 
Ostreid herpesvirus 1 Pacific oyster June 28, 2011 Netherlands Zeeland WAHID 
Koi herpesvirus Koi carp June 24, 2011 France Haute-Vienne WAHID 
Perkinsus olseni Hard clam June 24, 2011 Vietnam Bac Lieu WAHID 
Spring viraemia of carp Common carp June 14, 2011 United Kingdom Northamptonshire WAHID 
White spot virus Shrimp April 24, 2011 Saudi Arabia Jizan WAHID 
Crayfish plague European freshwater crayfish April 20, 2011 Italy Trento WAHID 
Bonamia exitiosa Oyster April 8, 2011 United Kingdom Cornwall DEFRA 
Bonamia ostreae Oysters April 8, 2011 United Kingdom Specific areas in England, Wales & Scotland DEFRA 
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