from the back cover:

"Gerald Garposier is a master of the academy, an institution of the proud and ambitious people who call themselves the Hens. But when he decides to investigate the haeras – who are everywhere among the hens but completely ignored – he finds himself cast out of the Academy and alienated from his people. Meanwhile, a woman of the haera people is looking for him, and when Kala finds Garposier, they begin an adventure together that will change everyone’s lives.

"In this novel of imagination, Dhivan Thomas Jones takes the reader into a vividly realised other world. Gerald and Kala team up with Max Jordan of the Barrowbores and Heimlich, a mysterious wise man, to travel beyond the borders of their land to a hidden tower of the Eglantine, where all the peoples’ destinies are waiting to be discovered."

Published 2011: 212 pages (also Kindle)

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