Robby Wells

Age: 47
Birthday: April 10, 1968
Hometown: Adopted as an infant and raised in the southern state of Alabama
Past careers: He is the former football coach of Savannah State University located in Georgia.
Robby Wells is running for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential election.
He major plan of reform is know as "Eaglenomics", which is the balance of Democratic policies and Republican policies.
In order to better the economy Wells believes that all trade agreements that aren't in the best interest of the U.S. should be repealed, Federal departments that are unconstitutional should be cut, and that American should become an energy independent nation.
For foreign influence, he believes the United States should remain isolated and not get involved in others wars. Also, that if war should arise, he will officially declare it through Congress, unlike past wars.
On a personal level, Wells believes that all persons should have their right of privacy and that the government should not be able to ban foods it sees unsafe, decisions will be left to the people themselves. With this in mind, he believes all men should be able to own a fire arm as stated in the second amendment.
He believes it is in the best interest to be removed from global organizations such as NATO.
He wants to limit foreign aid to other countries and focus more on U.S. citizens.
To diminish illegal immigration, Wells wants to strengthen border control, but also take away all benefits given to the illegal immigrants so they choose to self deport.
He wants to abolish the federal income tax, is pro life, and against gay marriage.