'Sono Moro Educato' - Image Copyright 2010 by Claudio Orso-Giacone Apuleius (around 120-180 A.D.), author of the ancient novel The Golden Ass, was born and lived in Madauros (currently in Algeria) in the Roman province of Africa. He repeatedly discusses his identification with his native region rather than with Rome and Athens, where he was student. And yet, despite new work in Classics on provincial cultures that are distinct from the center of metropolitan Rome, surprisingly little scholarship has grappled with the implications of Apuleius’ origins. The conference will draw together leading historians of Roman North Africa, literary scholars of Apuleius’ novel and his other works, and critical theorists of Latin culture, in order to open the Apuleian corpus (especially The Golden Ass) to new theoretical and cultural lines of inquiry.

Multiculturalism, ethnicity, and post-colonialism are discourses particularly germane to our teaching because the classical canon is undergoing a process of reformation, especially as we choose texts to teach that are relevant to contemporary culture. A thorough vetting of these issues will aid our teaching as we devise courses that revive the Classics curriculum by integrating contemporary interest in identity formation and imperialism, and further, it will help Classics remain relevant to its increasingly diverse constituency of both teachers and students. As part of the conference, we have organized a special workshop session entitled Pedagogical approaches to Apuleius, which will address new approaches to teaching this important literary figure.

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