This school will provide a thorough background on the principles of the atom probe technique, from the theory of the field evaporation to data mining. Lectures will focus on the basics of APT with a special emphasis on up-to-date techniques (laser-pulsing, DLD detectors, FIB specimen preparation). Beside this lecture series, practicals are organized including specimen preparation, Field Ion Microscopy, APT analysis and data mining. 

The Atom Probe Tomography School proposed by the University of Rouen  (France) is free of charge and aims at gathering young or confirmed scientists interested in this ultimate technique of characterization. Every year, about 30 attendees are often the opportunity to follow lectures, while 20 attendees are allowed assisting practical sessions.

The content of the school's lectures and practicals has been developped in the book Atom probe Tomography: Put Theory into Practice, published by Academic Press.