About Project Rise

Project Rise is a federally funded program and a collaborative effort by Akron Public Schools, local shelters, and the community to provide supplemental educational services to children and youth who are experiencing homelessness. The first demonstration grant was received in 1991. Project RISE served over 1,850 students during the 2016-2017 school year. 

Homelessness is stressful, especially for children, and can cause developmental delays, learning difficulties, depression, and anxiety. Regardless of their living conditions, all children have the right to receive high-quality educational and social services in a safe and caring environment. 


Project Rise is designed to empower students and their families by providing opportunities to improve the quality of their lives through educational, cultural, and community resources. Education is known to be the key in breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
Project Rise is a McKinney-Vento funded program and guidelines are implemented based on current McKinney-Vento legislation.