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I don't seek out any kind of compensation for sharing these books and this equipment with you. I try to share what I think has been most useful to me, and what will be most useful to others. In the interest of full disclosure, I have received some modest gifts from companies I have sought out with a request for help during AP Summer Institutes. Pasco has given me some modest pieces of equipment, a pair of carts, a plastic track, and a temperature sensor, and Vernier has given me a couple of free books.  

camscanner (turns your device into a scanner)

Vernier Video Physics (only for iOS)

Theodolite (measure angles and distances using iPhone)


==>>Essential for AP 1 and 2 Teachers<<==

Ranking Task Exercises in Physics

Newtonian TIPERS (Tasks Inspired by Physics Education Research) you can buy this here on amazon

E&M TIPERS (Tasks Inspired by Physics Education Research)

TIPERS Sensemaking Tasks (if you're only going to buy one, then buy this one)

Active Learning Guide (intended to go with Etkina text, likely useful to anyone teaching P1 or P2)

***Other useful books continue below***

Teaching Introductory Physics

Preconceptions in Mechanics

Teaching Physics for the First Time (highly recommended for new teachers)

Bob Morse Electrostatics Activities (Poor Man's "Teaching about Electrostatics")

Uncovering Student Ideas (Page Keeley)

Trophy Wives Don't Need Advanced Physics

Thinking Physics

Physics, The Human Adventure (the history of physics, in one accessible volume)

Mindset (Carol Dweck)

Turning the World Inside Out and Why Toast Lands Jelly-side Down? (Robert Ehrlich)

Norton Trade Paperbacks, Physics and Astronomy


Knight Jones Field College Physics

Etkina Van Heuvelen Gentile College Physics

OERCommons (Open Source educational resources, like OpenStax book listed above)

Keep a search on for used textbooks at ABEBooks

Get Mastering Physics Access! Request Pearson Mastering Physics access

Classroom Portals/Website Builders

Collaborize Classroom


College Board


create your AP Professional Login

join AP Physics Community

APP1 page

APP2 page

APPC Mechanics page

APPC E & M page

AP Audit



Twiddla (request free pro account)


Physics Circus

Electronics Parts cheap


1000bulbs (mostly bulbs and lighting, great prices and fast shipping)


a site with some of Robert Morse's electrostatics activities

Bob Morse's Benjamin Franklin is My Lab Partner project


Sargent-Welch (Cenco) Physics

Kick Dis

Neon Bulbs (from Jameco) (fun for electrostatics - Charge flows from "high to glow")

CASTLE Kits (and download curriculum for free)

Amazing Magnets

Wonder Power or Force Field Magnets

Arbor Scientific (lots of fun stuff, constant velocity dune buggies, wave springs)

Sci-Supply (inexpensive physics equipment, including $10 genecons)

Poppers/Bouncing Disk Toy) are here and at amazon and available in large quantity with imprint at places like this
-Warning- In recent years the quality of the toys has gone downhill and they sometimes break on the first class. 

McMaster-Carr (springs, bolts, hardware in great variety)

Inertial Balance (a Physics 1 topic)

Online Homework

UTexas Quest (not free, but a great deal)

Andes Physics Tutor (unique, and Free)

LON-CAPA (free, but not for the faint of heart when it comes to technology)

Web Portals for Physics Teaching Ideas - Search by activity, assessment, labs or lesson plans

Federal Resources for Educational ExcellencePhysics

comPADRE (resources for physics and astronomy education at the college level)





secure pgp (the mother lode)


pasco scientific



TI SmartView Software (calculator emulator)

Video Analysis

Live Photo

Tracker Video Analysis

Direct Measurement Videos

Video in Logger Pro (software from, very reasonably priced)

Capstone  (Pasco's data acquisition and analysis software, also does Video Analysi)




Turning Technologies

Beyond Question


Socrative (currently free)

Interactive Learning Toolkit (ConcepTests)


Modeling Workshops (on the American Modeling Teachers Association website - AMTA)

PTRA program


Smarter Every Day


Minute Physics



Sixty Symbols

Flipping Physics

Physics-related Twitter

@fnoschese (Frank Noschese also follow his blog; Frank also writes a lot about Standards-Based Grading or SBG)

@kellyoshea (Kelly O'Shea also has a great blog; Kelly also has SBG resources on her site)

@BadAstronomer (Phil Plait also has an excellent blog)

@rjallain (Rhett Allain has another blog you need to read)

@phyzman (Dean Baird blogs too)




Useful sites

American Association of Physics Teachers (aapt)

eMentor free help for inexperienced physics teachers

modeling website (old)

dolores gende

comPADRE (resources for physics and astronomy education)

Physics Front (subset of comPADRE for pre-college teachers)


Open Courseware (free access to MIT courses)

Wikimedia Commons

Cutnell and Johnson Interactive Learning Ware

APlus Physics

Team Eclipse (PBL)

NASA eClips (short educational videos for free)

Adopt-a-Physicist (promote physics-related careers)

ProblemAttic (free, build tests, quizzes, from published tests like the NY Regents' test)

download (or watch) free science videos, in particular PSSC Frames of Reference and PSSC Coulomb's Law at

EdX (free online courses - similar to MIT OpenCourseWare, but live)

Planboard (lesson planning - currently free!)

Texas Instruments nSpire Tutorials

For Dummies nSpire Tips



The Physics Aviary (teacher made site with virtual labs - highly recommended)

Duffy Semester 2

Duffy Semester 1

Sounds Amazing, U Salford (waves and sound)

TEAL at MIT (Electrostatics)

McGraw-Hill Interactives (JAVA only, unfortunately)

Favorite Software

Inkscape  (free!)

Planbook (is really useful and very reasonably priced, but tech support and development has lagged recently)

Planboard (still developing, but seems pretty good)

This is just cool

Feynman lecture (Character of Physical Law)

Technology Entertainment Design (okay, so it's geeky, but isn't that cool?)

Internet Archive (download copyright-free movies, music, other resources, several PSSC old-school physics movies on here)