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Agenda - P1 Workshop

Agenda 8 am to 5 pm

Day 1 AM

  • Introductions – Sit where you like.
  • Work AP 1 Practice Exam in groups - 1 hour answer all 50 MC questions.
    •  -20 minutes to check answers, consult with your neighbors about your assigned questions. Whole group discussion.
  • Curriculum Framework Activity – BIs, EUs, LOs, SPs
  • The Audit

Day 1 PM

  • Lab Session I
    • -Lab Skills - using the TI-84 to plot and "linearize"
    • -Choose 1 lab, try it out, produce a board/chart with your results and WOW
  • P1 Content - Systems: Force, Energy, Momentum
  • Pacing and Sequence of P1 (and P2)
  • Group Work  Assignments – FR Questions
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 HW 1

Complete the rest of the sample FR. Feeling really ambitious? Begin working on HW 2.


Day 2 AM

Day 2 PM

  •  Lab Session II
    • -Lab Skills - Uncertainty determination
    • -Whole-group Lab: PVC Rotational Apparatus
    • -Choose a second lab, try it out, produce a board/chart with your results and WOW
  • P1 Content - Rotation II - Rotational Kinetic Energy, Angular Momentum, Orbits
  • Group Work  Assignments – Modifying Old Questions


HW 2

Begin working on your Pacing Guide:  Consider number of days of instruction, Units (title, brief list of subjects and objectives), dates, labs (title and goal/purpose of lab) OR if adopting another syllabus COMPLETELY begin HW 3

Day 3 AM

  • Grouping 3
  • Tech Hours
  • Discussion about HW
  • Group Work: Question Transformation - Share and explain the question you created.
  •  P1 Content – More Mechanics; Waves and Oscillation; Gravitation; Circuits for P1

Day 3 PM

  • Lab Session III
  • -Whole class Lab: Poppers
  • Group Work: Plan an Inquiry Activity: Title, Objectives (at least one LO, one SP), Instructional Activities, Assessments
  • Make and Take Session: Simple Motor and Speaker

HW 3

Make a list of everything you need to do to be ready for the fall. Be specific and detailed!


Day 4 AM

  • Grouping  4 (sit wherever you like)
    • -Share your top 3 most important items
  • Writing in P1 - Choose an old FR question that you think has possibilities. Modify the word document to make it a writing question (either quantitative/qualitative translation OR paragraph-length explanation). Include on a separate page a complete answer and a scoring guideline.
  • A look at P2

Day 4 PM