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Curriculum Framework Activity

Group Activity

Suggested time - 45 minutes for groups to prepare; 30 minutes for selected (or volunteer) groups to present

Your group will choose a specific Enduring Understanding (EU). When you have chosen, please send a reporter back to Marc (so that we don't all end up doing the same one). Make a MS Word document for your activity - at the end we can put it in the shared folder for everybody.

Step 1.
Read about the Big Idea. Consider how the specific context of the Enduring Understanding relates to the BI.

Step 2.
Pick any Learning Objectives (LOs) that fall under the EU, any that you find most interesting or most relevant.

Step 3.
    A. Discuss how you would teach those LOs.
    B. Briefly describe what comes before teaching these LOs.
    C. Describe specific classroom activities.
    D. What essential practice (could be homework, could be classwork) do students need to master these LOs?
    E. What Science Practices (SPs) would be addressed? How would you have students accomplish the SPs?
    F. How will you assess students? How will you know if they have the Essential Knowledge (EK)?
        How will you know if they have begun to develop "Enduring Understandings"?

Step 4.
Make a board(s) or chart(s) outlining the results of your discussion in Step3. Be prepared to discuss what your boards or charts say.

Step 5.
After the presentations and feedback, put your final document into the shared folder. Please put your email addresses in the document itself, so we can ask you questions later, if need be.

NOTE: Big Ideas and Science Practices are listed (without details) on pages 11-12 of the Workshop Handbook.
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Jun 18, 2014, 7:01 AM