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Physics 1 Labs

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List of Essential Labs
Link to fysicsfool on Video Analysis

Day 1 Labs

P1 Lab 1. Ball bounce Lab

P1 Lab 2. Meeting Point

P1 Lab 3. Is it constant acceleration?

P1 Lab 4. Modified Atwood's Machine (Newton's Second Law)

P1 Lab 5. Impulse and Momentum

Day 2 Labs

P1 Lab 6. Explosions - Mass of an unknown

P1 Lab 7. Flying Pig

P1 Lab 8. Coefficient of friction

P1 Lab 9. Energy conversion

Day 3 Labs

P1 Lab 12. Conservation of Angular momentum DMV Disk on Disk Collision DMV Linear and Rotational Collision DMV Mysterious Rotating iPod

P1 Lab 13.Torque and Balancing.

Center of Mass DMV Boy on a Paddleboard

Day 4 Labs

P1 Lab Standing Waves on a String

P1 Lab 15. Electric Force (Video analysis version)

P1 Lab. Resistivity of Play-Doh

P1 Lab 16. Testing Investigation: Ohm's Law

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