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8.4 Governance of Digital Commerce and Blockchain

8.4A Governance of Digital Commerce

  Class Outline
   Digital commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C,...)
   Digital payment: Mobile payment (Alipay, WeChatpay,....), M-Pesa, Pay Pal,...

  Lecture Candidates:

8.4B Blockchain Governance

  Class Outline    
    Digital currency
    Blockchain governance
  Class Description (Kenji Saito; From "Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology")
    Possibility of Blockchains
    What are Companies Remembered in Human History
    Impossibility and Problems of Blockchains

  Class Description - Blockchain Governance Design (by Fred Ehrsam, 2017)
    Two critical components of blockchain governance; incentives and mechanisms for coordination
    Current approaches; Bitcoin, Ethereum
    New chains experimenting with on-chain governance
    Double-edged sword of on-chain governance
    Future approaches
    Voting with people or money?
    Other tools
  Lecture Candidates: Pindar Wong, Kenji Saito,...


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