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2.3 Technology and Engineering Perspectives

2.3A  Technology Perspective
            Open: process, software, document,...
            Emerging technology (IoT,...)

2.3B  Engineering Perspective
            IP transition

Class Description (by Geoff Huston on 2015-11-24)
    Technology and Engineering Perspectives

    This class will cover the architecture of the Internet, highlighting the aspects of end-to-end packet switched networking, decentralised routing and end-to-end        transport protocols. This will also encompass the issues around the tensions between network-centric and edge-centric services, and identifiers. Finally, it will     look at the issues about IPv4, IPv6 and NATs and the tensions this exposes

Class Description (ISOC Online - Internet Invariants)
    Global reach, integrity
    General purpose
    Supports innovation without requiring permission
    Interoperability, and mutual agreement
    Technoloyg (reusable building blocks)
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Lecture Pool: Kilnam Chon
Additional Candidate Lecturers: Jun Murai, Dy Kim, Geoff Houston, Li Xing,...

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