Program (Curriculum) with 7 Tracks and 30 Classes, Version 4.0
        We have been developing the APSIG Program since September 2015.
        We target APSIG courses to Internet governance experts and leaders.
        We have 30 classes now. Each class consists of 30-60 minutes lecture followed by 30-60 minutes discussion.  
        We also offer various sessions; case study, lightning talk, and BoF among others.
        We would like to have two or more lecturers in the lecture pool of each active class.

1. Internet Governance - General
    1.1 Internet Governance - Introduction, History and Principles
2. Internet Governance  - Perspectives
4. Internet Governance - Institutions
    4.1 Internet Governance Ecosystem
    4.2 Standardization
    4.3 Names and Numbers

5. Human Rights and Internet Governance
    5.1 Human Rights - General
    5.2 Privacy

6. Cyber Security

7. Internet Governance - Extended
A. Additional Classes
      A.1 Access
      A.2 Intellectual Property
     A.3 Internet Fragmentation         

Sessions: OpeningClosing, Case Study, BoF, Lightning Talk
Workshops: Group Discussion Workshop,  Role Play Class Workshop, Ice Breaking Workshop 

Proposal to Lecture or Proposal of a New Class
         - This Program is primarily designed for 3~6 day courses.  It may be necessary to modify tracks, and/or classes for shorter days.
         - There are three levels of courses; advanced, general, and introductory.  APSIG offers advanced courses, and national SIGs
 offer general courses 
           for Internet governance practitioners and/or introductory courses. 
Memo on advanced course vs introductory course is provided for clarification.

APSIG Program - Development Schedule in 2015-2019
2015.9~10      Initial APSIG Program development (this page)
   2015.11~12     Initial Review at APSIG and APrIGF on Core Classes
   2016.1~5        Additional Candidate Classes
   2016.5            Initial Surveys at APSIG; All Classes for 2016-2017, 2016 APSIG Classes
   2016.9.1         First Major Revision (based on 2016 APSIG school)
   2017.9.1         Complete APSIG Program development under APSIG Pilot Project in 2015-2017 to deliver APSIG Program Version 3.
   2019.8.1         Program Version 4