Amazon/APSIG Fellowships

The APSIG-Amazon Fellowship Program is meant to identify candidates who deserve support for participating at annual meetings of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The program, supported by APSIG and Amazon, started in 2017, and will support candidates to participate annual IGF.

The 2018 APSIG-Amazon Fellowship Subcommittee constituted by APSIG is tasked with identifying 3 or more applicants, based on their Letter of Intent and other parameters, to be forwarded to Amazon, who will further short-list 3 candidates for full support. APSIG will fund additional candidates as APSIG Fellows with full or partial support. 

The Subcommittee will use the following procedure to identify candidates:

1. Candidates submit a Letter of Intent which will be scrutinized. Additional information such as a draft IGF workshop proposal may be sought from candidates for this process. 
 See the Call for Letters of Intent for further information.
2. IGF Workshop proposals or Giganet paperd by applicants will be reviewed and comments provided for their improvement by the Committee. 
3. After IGF announces the list of selected workshops, the Subcommittee will make their final choice of around 3 or more candidates. Preference will be given to candidates with (accepted) workshop proposals from developing countries; delegates of national SIGs and panel speakers on accepted workshops from developing countries; and other applicants, in that order. 
4. After the IGF, the selected fellows are required to submit a report to APSIG and Amazon.

Why Amazon/APSIG Fellowship Program?
We would like to see many Internet governance leaders and experts in Asia Pacific to participate IGF activities actively.  Unfortunately, financial supports to participate the IGF activities are very limited. We decided to create Amazon/APSIG Fellowship Program for active participation to IGF.  We also recommend all national SIGs and IGFs to sustain active participation to IGF to develop good SIG curriculum and IGF program as well as developing global human networks through active participation to IGF.

Amazon/APSIG Fellowship Subcommittee Members:  KS Park (Chair), Satish Babu, Kilnam Chon, Pablo Hinojosa, Mohit Saraswat, Shita Laksmi

2018 Amazon/APSIG Fellowships

   2018 Fellowship Application Schedule

              2018.4.1-5.15    Initial Application (Letter of Intention) for Amazon/APSIG Fellowships for 2018 IGF particicpation
              2018.5.27          IGF workshop proposal to IGF (with the IGF selection taking place in 2018.7.11-13 during IGF MAG Meeting) (new date: 6.6)
              2018.5.1-31       Final  Fellowship Application with the IGF workshop proposal if you submit the IGF workshop proposal
              2018.8.1~8        Announcement of Amazon/APSIG Fellows
              2018.11.12~14  Paris IGF at UNESCO
              2018.11.30        Final report to be submitted.

              Number of Amazon/APSIG Fellowship Applicants for 2018 IGF: 16 Applicants (and two late Applicants)

2017 Amazon/APSIG Fellowships

   2017 IGF; statistics, chair's summary, various lists,....

   Workshops and Meetings Organized by Amazon/APSIG Fellows and Alumni

        2017-12-17 Sunday 10:30 - 12:00   All SIG Meeting, Salle 18  (Satish Babu, Chair)
        2017-12-17 Sunday 15:00 - 16:00   Zero Day from Nepal (Babu Ram Aryal, Chair)
        2017-12-17 Sunday 15:00 - 16:30   How Digital activists are shaping the evolution of the Internet: the voice of civil society in ICANN, Salle 2  (Satish Babu)
        2017-12-19 Tuesday 09:00 - 10:30  Collaborative Community Development Program Learn IG Promoting Youth on the Table (WS6), Room XI-A  (Shreedeep Rayamajhi)
        2017-12-19 Tuesday                         IoT and accessibility with disability (Gunela Astbrink)
        2017-12-20 Wednesday 10:10 -       International cooperation among CERTs (Pablo Hinojose)
        2017-12-21 Thursday 12:00 - 01:30 Redefining Rights for a Gender Inclusive Networked Future (WS102), Room XXIV-E  (Amrita Choudhury)
    2017 Amazon Fellows: Amrita Choudhury, Shreedeep Rayamajhi, Gunela Astbrink
    2017 APSIG Fellows:    Babu Ram Aryan, Said Zazai, (Roshan Pokharel from Nepal replaced Mubashir Sargana who could not participate IGF)

   2017 Fellowship Application Schedule
    2017.4        Call for Letter of Intent (until 2017.5.7)
    2017.8.1     Announcement of Five Fellows to 2017 IGF (3 Amazon Fellows, 2 APSIG Fellows)
    2017.9.30   APSIG Fellows to submit the report.
    2017.12.31 Amazon Fellows to submit the draft reports (with the final reports by 2018.1.15).
    2018.1.31   Complete all reimbursements

Other IGF Fellowship Programs
     ISOC Ambassor Programme (20-40 years old; around 25 per year; Apply in 2018.7.2-22 for 2019 IGF)
    ISOC Youth IGF Programme (18-25 years old;  around 50 per year; Apply in 2018.7.2-22 for 2018 IGF)

    Past Fellowship Programs: APNIC Fellowship (8 in 2015),  IGF Fellowship at IGF Secretariat (2 in 2014)