2019 APSIG

Dates: 2019-07-08~10  
Location: Asia Institute of Technology (AIT),  Pathum Thani, Thailand (near Bangkok)

2018 APSIG Preparation - Draft Schedule 

        2018-08-01               2019 APSIG Strawman Proposal
        2018-09-01~12-31    2019 APSIG Class - Call for Class Proposal and New Class Proposals (Phase I)
        2019-01-01               2019 APSIG - Plan  [Draft Plan]
        2019-01-01               2019 APSIG - Program, Version 0
        2019-01-01~02-28    Call for Participation of 2019 APSIG; 
Application Form for General Participants
        2019-01-01~02-28    2019 APSIG Fellowship Application
        2019-01-01~02-28    Call for Proposals: Class (Phase II)
        2019-01-01~04-30    Call for Proposals: Case Study Sessios, BoF Sessions

        2019-03-01~03-31    Late Application for 2019 APSIG Participation 
        2019-04-01               2019 APSIG - Program, Version 1
        2019-04-01~30         Announcement of  2019  APSIG Participants and Fellowships

        2019-04-01~05-31    Amazon/APSIG Fellowship Application for 2019 IGF Participation - Letter of Intent 
        2019-06-08               Presentation Materials (Final Version) are due

        2019-07-08~10         2019 APSIG    

Candidate Classes
          1.1    Internet Governance - Introduction, History, Principles
                    Kilnam Chon [Internet History], [Internet Governance History], [Multistakeholderism History]
          2.1    Legal Perspective 
                   KS Park
          3.2    Internet Users and Non-users
                   NYC Access Conference Organizer, Kilnam Chon
          4.2    Standard
                   DY Kim
          4.3    Names and Numbers
                   Xiaodong Lee
          5.1    Human Rights
                   KS Park
          5.2    Privacy
                   Woodrow Hartzog, Susan Landau, KS Park
          6.2    Cyber Crime
                   Susan Landau
          7.4    Cybersecurity Governance
                   Koichiro Komiyama
          7.5B  Blockchain Governance
                   Myung Sahn Juhn
          7.6A  AI 
                   Jaeseung Jeong
          7.6B AI Governance
                  Arisa Ema (AI and Ethics), Woodrow Hartzog
          8.4   Social Media Governance
                  KS Park
Candidate BoF Sessions      
          Smart Speaker
            2019 IGF Workshop Proposal Review
          National Internet Governance Article Review; in/amrita, bd/nazmul, lk/mahee, af/mohibullah, pk/waqas?, np

Candidate Case Study Sessions               
          Case Study Session: Internet Shutdown; India, Pakistan, [2017IGF/WS117africa] [2017IGF/WS178americas] [Freedom on the Net] [Quarts]
          Case Study Session: Multistakeholderism and its practice in Asia Pacific 
          Case Study Session: Social Media and Asia
          Case Study Session: AI and Asia/Developing Countries: Web Foundation report, country cases, topic cases,...     
          Case Study Session: AI: Training/AI Saturdays (around the world), Initiative/AI for Development in Nepal      
          Case Study Session: (Child) Online Safety; [nepal; blog, guidebook
          Case Study Session: Personal ID: India, Japan, South Korea, USA, EU,... [WEF: Digital Identity] [Proposal - Digital Identity]
          Case Study Session: Internet for LCDs/Internet for All; [WEF], [UN-OHRLLS]     
            Case Study Session: SIG Curriculum Analysis; Brazil SIG, EuroSSIG,...        
          Case Study Session: Digital (Internet/Smartphone) Addiction
            Case Study Session: Gender and Natiolnal SIGs/IGFs
          Case Study Session: Social Media Abuse: hate speech, fake news [ppt]  [description]  [paper]
          Case Study Session: Multistakeholderism practice on domestic issues 
          Case Study Session: GDPR and National SIGs/IGFs
          Case Study Session: Blockchain Applications in Asia
          Case Study Session: Blockchain Hands-on Experience (Tutorial)
          Case Study Session: Machine Learning/Neural Network Tutorial
          Case Study Session: AI and Disability (gunela)
          Case Study Session: Smart City

Other Sessions
          Welcome Dinner/"Ice Breaking Session": 2019.7.7 Sunday 18:00 - 21:00
          Orientation Session: 2019.7.8 Monday 8:30-9:00
          National SIG Recording: 2019.7.10 Wednesday (during Lunch)
          Closing Session: 2019.7.10 Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00
          Hands-on Experience on AI/Neural Network: 2019.7.7 Afternoon (Pending)
All SIG Group:
        All SIG Meeting:  2019.7.10 Wednesday 16:30 - 18:30
         All SIG Dinner:    2019.7.10 Wednesday 19:00 - 20:30