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Ad Hoc Committee on Session Analysis


            Pre-Meeting, 2018.7.20
            First Ad Hoc Committee Meeting, 2018.07.23 Monday 07:00 - 09:00 UTC [Agenda] [Audio]
            Second/Final Ad Hoc Committee Meeting, 2018.8.8 Wednesday 07:00-  UTC with Final Report [Draft Final Report]
Ad Hoc Committe Members:
            Gnanajeyaraman Rajaram  - Co-Chair (Editor)      
            Shreedeep Rayamajhi - Co-Chair
            Maheeshwara Kirindigoda - Co-Chair
            Zolzaya Shagdar
            Unggul Sagena
            Martin Burrows Jr. 
            Sunyoung Yang
            Kilnam Chon - Program Committee Liaison


   1. Ad Hoc Committee - Overview

            AI at Google by Jake Lucchi
            AI and Asia by Babu Ram Aryal with Li Xing, Dr.Govind
            Law and Regulation by Kelly Kim with Babu Ram Aryal, Gading Ditya, Onno Purbo 
            Teaching CyberSecurity by Onno W. Purbo
            Cybercrime  byTeddy Mantoro with Nadia  Khadam
            Youth and SIGs by Shreedeep Rayamadji and Maheeshwara Kirindigoda with Waqas Hassan, Muhammad Shabbir, Mohibullah Utmankhil
            National SIGs by Sagarika Wickranasekera with Maheeshwara Kirindigoda, Satish Babu

    4. Comments by Committee Members
           Zolzaya, Unggul, Martin, Mahee, Kilnam, Shreedeep

    5. Issue List
        5.1  Session vs BoF
               We may have more BoFs which are more informal and many could participate easily.
        5.2  Inviting existing projects 
               example: Teaching Cybersecurity by Onno in 2018, AI Saturdays, AI and Development in Nepal,...
        5.3  How to make typical sessions more attractive?
               chairing, presentation materials,...
        5.4  Case study session vs IGF workshop 
               case study sessions as preparation for IGF workshops, and/or the other way around?
        5.5  National SIGs Presentation as Recording Session (during lunch break?), not Case Study Session