2018 APSIG

Date:  2018-07-08 (evening) ~ 13 (morning with All SIG Meeting in the afternoon)
Place: AITCC (Meeting Room B108), AIT, Bangkok
Local Organizer: intERLab, AIT

Call for Participation of 2018 APSIG 

    Application Form [Google Form] [MS Word]- Available from 2018.1.3 until 2018.2.28
    Fellowship Form  [Google Form] [MS Word]- Available from 2018.1.3 until 2018.2.28
    Registration Fee:  $400 (Late Registration/$500 from 2018.5.1 if we have available seats)

2018 APSIG Program, Version 0.2
         2.2   Social Perspective  
           4.3    Names and Numbers Organizations                       [ppt]      
         6.1    Cyber Security - General 
           6.2    Cyber Crime                                                            [lecture outline]
           8.4B Governance of Blockchain                                              [Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology - ppt]
           8.6A AI - Introduction
           8.6B AI Governance                                                         [class description]

        2018  IGF Workshop Proposal Presentation Session/BoF: (and APrIGF Workshop Proposals)
        2017  IGF Workshop Review Session/BoF
        Case Study Session: National SIGs; inSIG, pkSIG, lkIGF/SIG Track,...
        Case Study Session: Legal cases; Nepal, South Korea, Indonesia
        Case Study Session: Internet Shutdown; India, Pakistan, [2017IGF/WS117africa] [2017IGF/WS178americas] [Freedom on the Net] [Quarts]

       BoF Session: Government Stakeholder 
       BoF Session: Lightning Talks

    Candidate Classes and Sessions 
          3.2 Internet Users and Non-Users
          5.1 Human Rights - General  
          5.2 Privacy              
          Case Study Session: Open Forum on Multistakeholderism and its practice in Asia Pacific (by Shreedeep Rayamajhi)
          Case Study Session: Disability[proposal by Gunela Astbrink for 2017 APSIG]  
          Case Study Session: Hot topics (hate speech, fake news,...)
          Case Study Session: AI Principles: Asilomar AI Principles, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethical Consideration on AI, Alpha Zero,...
          Case Study Session: AI and Developing Countries: Web Foundation report, country cases, topic cases,...
          Case Study Session: Blockchain: national/regional deployment Africa2017 Ghana Conference, 2017 IGF/WS134: Fake news & Blockchain, IBM,.....               
          Case Study Session: Child Online Safety; [nepal; blog, guidebook]
          Case Study Session: Personal ID: India, Japan, South Korea, USA, EU,...

         2018.7.12 Thursday  15:00 ~ 18:00     

2018 APSIG Preparation - Schedule 

    2017-09-01               2018 APSIG Class - Request for Lecture and New Class Proposals
    2018-01-01               2018 APSIG - Plan
    2018-01-01               2018 APSIG - Program, Version 0
    2018-01-01               APSIG Operation Manual, Version 1.0
    2018-01-01~02-28   Call for Participation of 2018 APSIG; 
Application Form for General Participants (available from 2018-01-01)

    2018-01-01~02-28   2018 APSIG Fellowship Application
    2018-01-01~02-28   Call for Proposals: Class, Session
    2018-01-01~04-30   Call for Evening BoF

    2018-03-01~03-31    Late Application for 2018 APSIG Participation (without Financial Support)
    2018-04-01               2018 APSIG - Program, Version 1
    2018-04-01~30         Announcement of  2018  APSIG Participants and Fellowship

    2018-04-01~30         APSIG/Amazon Fellowship Application for 2018 IGF Participation
    2018-06-09               All Presentation Materials are due

    2018-07-08~13         2018 APSIG

Daily Schedule of 2018 APSIG Week - Draft

    2018.7.08 Sunday               BoF, Opening Session (Dinner) 
             7.09                            4 Classes and Evening BoF(2017 IGF Participation)
             7.10                            2 Classes and Case Study Session (on Blockchain) with Afternoon Excursion
             7.11                            4 Classes/Sessions, and Evening BoF (2018 IGF Proposals)
             7.12                            3 Classes/Sessions, and All SIG Meeting (15:00 - 18:00)


      General Participants (Applicant List, Final List)
      SIG Delegates (af/Khaksar Weqar, in/Dr.Govind, pk/Ihtisham Khalid)
      Secretariat (Kae, Nisarat,...)
      Lecturers (Jim Foster, Xing Li, Kilnam Chon, Danit Gal, Nadia Khadam,...)
      Case Study Coordinators (Onno Purbo,...)

  Documents for 2018 APSIG

      Application Form for General Participants, and Fellowship Form - available from 2018.1.1. [draft]
      Class Evaluation - Available during 2018 APSIG, 2018.7.9-13. [2017 version]

     AIT in Bangkok as the home venue (default option) of APSIG
     Pakistan (mubashir sargata/pkSIG) submitted a letter of intent in September 2016.
     Philippines (banjz sevilla at icto.dost) submitted a letter of intent in October 2016.
     Japan (jim foster/apru-apide) submitted a letter of intent in October 2016.