I've had the opportunity to mentor some amazing engineering students, both undergraduates and graduates.

Here is a short list of folks I've mentored in an official capacity, along with their reports or theses if written. All are available from the UC Berkeley library.

Graduate Student Researchers:

Lara Janse van Vuuren, M.Eng 2017

Shirley (Huajing) Zhao, M.Eng 2017

Robel Teweldebirhan, M.Eng 2017

Asher Saghian, M.Eng 2017

June (Shu Jun) Tan, M.Eng 2017

Kyle Zampaglione (project mentoring), M.S. 2015

Patrick Hylton, M.Eng 2015

ChanWoo Yang, M.Eng 2015 (see master's report here, due to size constraints)

Yakshu Madaan, M.Eng 2015

Yangxin Chen, M.Eng 2014

Dizhou Lu, M.Eng 2014

Margaret (Yuejia) Liu, M.Eng 2014

Undergraduate Researchers:

Lua Varner, B.S. 2018

Hunter Garnier, B.S. 2018

Akhi Mishra, B.S. 2018

Ankita Joshi, B.S. 2017

Jorge Vizcayno, B.S. 2016

Heeyeon Kwon, B.S. 2016

Zeerek Ahmad, B.S. 2015

Roya Fallah Firoozi, B.S. 2014

Sarah Dobi, B.S. 2015

Thanks to the amazing Spring 2016 ULTRA Spine Team!

Left to right: Jorge Vizcayno, Ankita Joshi, Zeerek Ahmad,

Drew Sabelhaus, Lara Janse van Vuuren, Abishek Akella, Heeyeon Kwon