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Advertisement, late 1940s. Very popular to have "big" and "little" sister
 matching aprons.

Matching aprons for you and your man! Look at the high cummerbund
 style waistband.

A "necktie" apron. Popular in the 40s and 50s.

Another big and little sister apron. With ruffles, lots of ruffles! Very 40s.
 It went with the big shoulders.

This one is just too fun! Can't you see the girls serving doughnuts
 in the canteen!

This one of my favorites! I really like the flares skirt and the heart pocket.
 The wider shoulder straps make it defiantly 40s!

A pretty little apron pattern, early 1940s, pattern came with
embroidery transfers too!

Another early 1940s pattern. Lots of pretty details! They loved novelty pockets in interesting shapes. This was carried over in to the fifties too.

Aren't these cute little hostess aprons! With applique flowers.

Late 40s. Interesting bib arrangement.

Love the heart and the scalloped edge! Pretty and practical!

Mid to late 40s. Cute cute pockets!