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Very simple early 30s apron. Interesting that there is straps, but no bib. Left-overs from the 20s?
 Mid 30s. The "H" back was very popular at this time. It carried over into the early 40s too.
  Needlecraft Magazine 1931. Aprons have appliques and embroidery. Still 20s looking.
 Late 30s. You can see the 40s styles coming in, the square bib, gathered half apron.
 Jello pamphelet early 30s. Love the floral apron.
This one buttons on to a dress, rather ingenious.

A sketch from a cookbook.
A simple apron. Mid 30s.
Great picture! Love the ruffles on the top one.
This one is either early 1940 or 1938-39.
This one just makes me laugh! Too cute!

A very classic 30s apron. Notice the one on the left is made of small floral print fabric. Look at all the choices you had! H-back, crossed back or over the head. Don't you love the details? And of course pockets!

Very 30s. The bib style was in! With an elegant bow in the back!

Isn't this the fancy one? Another apron from Needlecraft 1931.
Love the girl on the phone! Apron "A" has a capelet attached!

Lovely apliquic apron. Late 30s.


 A Smock, for the artsy type. Not really an apron, but considered one.
A colorful catalog page. I love the colorful fabrics and the contrasting binding.

Cute girls pattern.
Wide shoulder straps. Interesting shaped pieces.
You can resist this one? Mid 30s.