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 Still looking a lot like the last decade. Held on with pins. Have you noticed how every one of these aprons have a pocket? An essential for an apron!
 "Making an Attractive Apron" from Modern Home Sewing and Dressmaking, copyright 1926. To quote from the lesson "This is a very practical pattern, as the flare sides cover one well when at work." Here are the complete sewing instructions, so you can make one too!
 Isn't this a pretty one? From Pictorial Review May 1928.


1922 Still looking very much like the last decade. Isn't the trim cute?
 Ad from Needlecraft Magazine late 1920s
 Do you like the little side flounces? I love the fabric sample stuck on. Would have been a cute apron.
Beautiful color pattern! I love the art deco influence.
An early 20s style apron. Looks like it would be for some serious housework! 

For a well dressed maid. Maids were very important in this era and aprons were a sign of station. Very interesting strap design.

 A late 20s or early 30s pattern. Looks like another pinned apron. Love the shape of the apron skirt! Pretty flowered fabric!

Another apron from Modern Home Sewing and Dressmaking. This one is a one piece panel apron, bound on all edges with bias binding. A very popular method in the 20s, 30s and 40s. Sewing instructions are here.
Classic late 1920's!
Too cute! Ma and Me apron.
Aren't these fancy? Dainty tea aprons.
Mid 20s cute little apron. More side ruffles.