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iRadio Capture 2.0

This program is now outdated. and Pandora have both updated their sites to make this program crash, and unfortunately I currently do not have the time to continue supporting it. All of the code is on the GitHub if anyone is interested in taking over.


iRadio Capture 2.0 is the fourth rewrite of my iRadio Capture project as I have been trying to improve the program, and this time I finally got it right.  iRadio Capture automatically intercepts all network traffic and identifies audio files, which it saves to disk.  Then iRadio Art Grabber downloads the album art of the song along with the tag information.  iRadio Capture then combines these two files to create a fully tagged song, which it can then add to iTunes or save to a custom folder.  And the best part?  It does all of this automatically!!  It currently works for and, with more sites coming soon!

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iRadio Capture is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.  All source is included in the installation directory.  The source can also be found in this project's GitHub repository.


  • Automatically captures songs from and
  • Automatically tags all captured songs with all appropriate information and album art
  • Option to save songs to iTunes Library or custom folder
  • Option to automatically overwrite songs of lower quality
  • Completely undetectable by servers
  • Extremely easy to use! You only need one button!


  • Many minor bug fixes
  • Much more stable
  • More useful feedback on current status
  • Fixed bug preventing saving of songs under certain conditions

  • Initial release

First Run Instructions

  1. Upgrade to the dev channel of Google Chrome (don't think that you can skip this step because you can't)
  2. Install WinPcap
  3. Download iRadio Capture 2.0 and install and run it, then press the start button
  4. Install iRadio Art Grabber 2.0
  5. Visit or
  6. Click the iRadio Art Grabber icon and enjoy!