Become more AWARE...



It is easy to feel lost or overwhelmed when looking for methods of self improvement and health. There are so many ways, so many paths to choose from. And after you choose, at times you may feel you don't even know enough to know whether something has worked, let alone what to do to continue your growth and success.

The principle to learn here is…

"Do whatever works"

It is true however, that there are infinite ways (or techniques) of accomplishing any goal. Don't let this discourage you, all you need is to be open to increased AWARENESS so you can see more clearly those PRINCIPLES that will work for YOU. Use only the techniques that really resonate with you and your current comfort level. No wasted time or energy, precious resources in today’s world, simple effective and efficient means to reach further than you thought you could. Accept what is offered here at Awareness Principle and you will open a world of learning and discovery that will last the rest of your life. Stop trying to master innumerable concepts only to realize you could have condensed and applied your learning in a fraction of the time, and with energizing effects rather than energy sapping methods. All you need to master are Awareness Principles.

I’m a geek at heart, there I said it, it’s out in the open now… no I’m not ashamed, I have actually learned how to apply principles learned in martial arts and subtle energy healing that could be directly applied to my geeky jobs & personal pursuits. It goes both ways, in the world of geekdom there a geeky acronym called FUD, it stands for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. I’m sure you enlightened individuals have never experienced that, so there is no need for any exploration of the concept and how to overcome it right? Honestly, there is no reason for any of these three things to be a part of your life now or moving into the future.

Simply by learning how to become more AWARE you will begin to find the PRINCIPLES to keep fear at bay. They can then be applied to ANY process/method/technique you must master for work or personal pursuits. It is actually quite simple to see through the confusion of all the infinite methods and techniques and get to the heart of things, by simply increasing your awareness. This in turn allows you to discover universal principles. I’m sure you are aware or “enlightenment” and experiences where you have been so aware that you surprised yourself with abilities you didn’t even know you had.

The goal of this training is to use this level of AWARENESS to help you find the universal principles which you can use to find and increase awareness of yourself. This self awareness is what will allow you to clearly define your limits so you can press them and excel beyond them and to find only the methods that work best for you, regardless of what you are seeking.

Until we can see more clearly with enhanced awareness, we are easily led, usually by marketing techniques, into methods/techniques that would otherwise never be part of our lives. Ones which may not resonate with us causing discord or disharmony and preventing the very attainment of the goals which sent us looking for a technique in the first place. We allow our desire for instant gratification and shortcuts to take precedence over our awareness, so we suppress it. By suppressing our awareness we open ourselves to "opportunities" that really don't help us get anywhere. In fact, left unchecked, we may be conditioning ourselves to accept more of these invitations with ever decreasing awareness continuing a downward spiral that actually builds upon its own momentum . Lack of self awareness is never a goal, of ours, I’m sure of it. When you begin to see more clearly, those opportunities and effective methods that surround you every day you will be yours for the taking.

More than anything, I want to help you become more aware of yourself so you can choose for yourself and grow by yourself, into the person you know you want to be. What an accomplishment! With that gift you begin to see the true nature of what surrounds you. You begin to see exactly what effect if any a particular method is having on you. Avoiding what is not helping you achieve your intended goals.

Again, simply become more aware of yourself, then begin to see principles inherent in all things, and learn “by principle” making it easier to become ever more aware. This is how we begin a positive spiraling effect that builds upon its strength. The snowball effect is a positive non-vicious cycle in a world where so many of us get caught up in negative spirals that snowball out of control and all too fast.

The real goal of this training is to teach AWARENESS by PRINCIPLE so that others will share this positive energy and help others increase their awareness of principles.

Robert K. Ruby II