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EEE 441 (Telecommunication Engineering)

(May 2010 semester)

Course Contents:

Introduction: Principle, evolution, networks, exchange and international regulatory bodies.
Telephone apparatus: Microphone, speakers, ringer, pulse and tone dialing mechanism, side-tone mechanism, local and central batteries and advanced features.
Switching system: Introduction to analog system, digital switching systems - space division switching, blocking probability and multistage switching, time division switching and two dimensional switching.
Traffic analysis: Traffic characterization, grades of service, network blocking probabilities, delay system and queuing.
Modern telephone services and network: Internet telephony, facsimile, integrated services digital network, asynchronous transfer mode and intelligent networks.
Introduction to cellular telephony and satellite communication.


13 06 2010
Marks of class test 1 has been published.  

08 08 2010
Marks of class test 2 has been published.
26 08 2010
Marks of class test 3 will be published after the Eid vacation.

30 09 2010
Marks of class test 3 has been published.

10 10 2010
Marks of class test 4 has been uploaded.