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EEE 303 (Digital Electronics)

Course Contents:

Introduction to number systems and codes. Analysis and synthesis of digital logic circuits: Basic logic functions, Boolean algebra, combinational logic design, minimization of combinational logic. Implementation of basic static logic gates in CMOS and BiCMOS: DC characteristics, noise margin and power dissipation. Power optimization of basic gates and combinational logic circuits. Modular combinational circuit design: pass transistor, pass gates, multiplexer, demultiplexer and their implementation in CMOS, decoder, encoder, comparators, binary arithmetic elements and ALU design. Programmable logic devices: logic arrays, field programmable logic arrays and programmable read only memory. Sequential circuits: different types of latches, flip-flops and their design using ASM approach, timing analysis and power optimization of sequential circuits. Modular sequential logic circuit design: shift registers, counters and their applications.

Text Books:

    1. Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design ~ Stephen Brown and Zvonko Vranesic
    2. Digital Logic And Computer Design ~ M. Morris Mano
    3. Digital Fundamentals ~ Thomas L. Floyd


(February 2017 semester)

09 05 2017
Class test marks for EEE303 (February
 2017 Semester) are now available.  View

24 02 2017
Course Outline for EEE303 (February
 2017 Semester) is now available.  View

Class Lectures
Logic Circuits  
Logic Function Optimization 
Arithmetic Logic Networks  
Combinational Logic Networks 
Sequential Logic Networks   View
Logic Implementation   View