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EEE 269 (Electrical Drives and Instrumentation)

Course Contents:

3-Phase System: Introduction to three phase circuits. Machines: Alternators and transformers; Principles of operation of DC, synchronous, and induction motors. Measurement: Instrumentation amplifiers: differential, logarithmic, and chopper amplifiers; frequency and voltage measurements using digital techniques; recorders and display devices, spectrum analyzers and logic analyzers; Transducers: terminology, types, principles and application of photovoltaic, piezoelectric, thermoelectric, variable resistance and optoelectronic transducers; Noise reduction in instrumentation.

Text Books:

    1. Fundamentals of Electric Circuits  ~ Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku
    2. Electric Machines: Theory, Operation, Applications, Adjustment, and Control ~ Charles I. Hubert
    3. Electric Machinery Fundamentals: Third Edition ~ Stephen J. Chapman
    4. Electric Machinery and Transformers: 2nd Edition ~ Irving L. Kosow
    5. A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation ~  A. K. Sawhney


(July 2017 semester)

31 01 2018
Class test marks for EEE269 (Section A) are now available.

16 09 2017
Course outline for EEE269 (July 2017 Semester) is now available.  View

Class Lecture Slides
Three Phase System Slides 
Transformer Slides   
Three Phase Induction Motor Slides 
DC Motor Slides
Synchronous Generator Slides  View    
Synchronous Motor Slides   View 
Measurement Slides   View   
Instrumentation Amplifier  View   

(August 2016 semester)

26 08 2016
Course outline for EEE269 (August 2016 Semester) is now available.  

04 01 2017
Class test marks for EEE269 (Section A) are now available.  
Class test marks for EEE269 (Section B) are now available.  

Class Lecture Slides
Three Phase System Slides  
Transformer Slides 
Three Phase Induction Motor Slides  
DC Motor Slides  
Synchronous Generator Slides  
Synchronous Motor Slides   
Measurement Slides  
Instrumentation Amplifier