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EEE 165 (Basic Electrical Technology)

(August 2011 semester)

Course Contents:

Electrical units and standards. Electrical networks and circuit solution: series, parallel, node and mesh analysis. Instantaneous current, voltage and power, effective current and voltage, average power. Sinusoidal single phase RLC circuits: phasor algebra, balanced three phase circuits. Electrical wiring for residential and commercial loads. Introduction to transformers and induction motors.

Text Books:

  1. Introductory Circuits for Electrical and Computer Engineering  ~ James W. Nilsson, Susan A. Reidel
  2. Alternating-Current Circuits  ~ Russell M. Kerchner, George F. Corcoran
  3. Fundamentals of Electric Circuits  ~ Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku
  4. Engineering Circuits Analysis  ~ William H. Hayt, Jr. , Jack E. Kemmerly, Steven M. Durbin
  5. Introductory Circuit Analysis  ~ Robert L. Boylestad
  6. Electric Machines: Theory, Operation, Applications, Adjustment, and Control ~ Charles I. Hubert


15 01 2012
Marks for class test 2 and 3 (Aug. 2011 semester) are available for students.

12 10 2011
Results for class test 1 (Aug. 2011 semester) have been published.

12 08 2011
Course Outline for this course has been published.   View