Appification of the Web

Appification of the Web (AppWeb2012)

Workshop at the 21st World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2012)

April 16, 2012 – Lyon, France

The First Workshop on Appification of the Web will be held on April 16, 2012, in Lyon, France, in conjunction with the 21st World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2012). The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to discuss the impact of mobile apps on the Web search and browsing paradigms.

Recent proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices is due at least in part to the advent of apps, which customize and streamline user experience in a variety of usage scenarios. Today, hundreds of thousands of apps exist on the major mobile OS platforms (notably, iOS and Android), and we are witnessing a clear change in the way people consume and interact with information online. Beyond the mobile devices, we are witnessing the increasing availability of OS-level apps (in Mac OS, and forthcoming in Windows) as well as browser apps (notably, in Google Chrome). In many cases, users’ information needs can be satisfied by an app or a combination thereof, completely circumventing the heretofore predominant Web search and browsing paradigms. For instance, instead of searching for travel options on the Web, one can directly use one of the popular travel apps. According to a recent survey, typical iPhone users have 108 apps installed on their device, and spend on average 84 minutes a day using them, thus confirming that changes in information consumption patterns on the Web are already well under way.

The primary objective of the workshop is to understand and to quantify the changes in Web usage due to the apps. The secondary objective is to understand the forthcoming changes, e.g., whether the role of Web search is likely to be fundamentally transformed, as apps satisfy an increasing fraction of user’s information needs. Please see the Call for Papers for further details.

Workshop program is now available!

Confirmed invited speakers:

Workshop registration is open to all WWW 2012 attendees.

Organizing Committee

Program Committee

  • Andrei Broder, Yahoo! Research, USA
  • Anindya Ghose, NYU Stern, USA
  • Marti Hearst, UC Berkeley, USA
  • Lars Erik Holmquist, SICS, Sweden
  • Scott Jenson, Google, USA
  • Irwin King, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  • Ronny Lempel, Yahoo! Labs, Israel
  • Chin-Yew Lin, Microsoft Research, China
  • Sofus Macskassy, USC/ISI, USA
  • Donald Metzler, USC/ISI, USA
  • Filip Radlinski, Microsoft, Canada
  • Chirag Shah, Rutgers University, USA
  • Michael Schwarz, Yahoo! Research, USA
  • Jaime Teevan, Microsoft Research, USA
  • ChengXiang Zhai, UIUC, USA