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I'm Murugesh,an Indian,a software engineer and a bachelor...I live in Bangalore.

Presently,working in a private software concern,my engineering graduation in Computer Science,was from Kongu Engg., College located in Perundurai,Tamilnadu. My schooling upto the higer secondary was from Kongu Vellalar Matriculation Hr. Sec. School which is located at the outskirts of a beautiful town named Chennimalai located in Erode District.

 Above all, my native place is a serene village called Kamatchipuram,named after the Godess "Kamatchi Amman".

 I love fun and working hard.To me,they both equates to the same.I'm straightforward,never accept life as it comes,have fun to the core.Nothing pleases me more than a true smile and a word of care.

The content on this site is informative and fun as well ... 

My personal email id  :    ...  Page me  :)

Y! IM  : murugeshappu                                                         Orkut : appumail

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