Google Documents

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Using Google Documents - Detailed directions on using Google Documents including creating, formatting, sharing, and much more
 Help Guide - Google Document link

The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs - Best practices for sharing and collaborating in school
 Help guide - "The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs" - Google Document link
 Slideshow - "The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs" - Google Slides link
 Training video - "Collaborating and Sharing with Google Drive" - Recorded January 22, 2015 - YouTube Video

Improving Student Writing with Google Docs - Tools and features for Google Docs to help students improve their writing
 Help Guide - "Improving Writing with Google Docs" - Google Document link
 Slideshow - "Improving Writing with Google Docs" - Google Slides link

Supercharge Google Docs with Add-ons - The best add-ons to extend the features of Google Docs
 Help Guide - "Add-ons for Google Documents and Sheets" - Google Document link
 Slideshow - "Supercharge Google Docs with Add-ons" - Google Slides link
 Training video - "Supercharge Google Docs with Add-ons" - Recorded January 8, 2015 - YouTube Video

From Google - Official resources from Google
 Google Docs: Basics - Website link
 Docs Help site - Website link
 Google Docs Blog - Website link
 Google Docs on G+ - Website link