About Us

PLEASE NOTE: A.P.P.S. is a non-profitable organization wanting to reach out a helping hand to those who do not understand what is going on around them. However, at times, depending on distance we may have to charge for fuel and a hotel IF the investigation exceeds our daily limits (25 miles or over for fuel, 75+ miles for hotel and two-day investigations).
    Our group was formed in early 2010 by Dakota C., Holly R. and Lexi S. after several cases of paranormal activity happening at close friends and families homes.
    Dakota, who has been seeing spirits since the age of 7, became an investigator of paranormal research and activity and studied extensively in religions (Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, Native American Legends, etc.) after the death of his grandfather in 2001, and several encounters with the paranormal.
    Holly became interested in the paranormal field of work after an investigation took place at her friend's house. Dakota was called in, and throughout the entire investigation, she learned more knowledge about how investigations work and what to look for. She has been studying Criminal Justice for the past year just for the sole purpose of one day being able to help the living like we try to help the dead.
    Lexi S "bio" will be posted momentarily.

Crew to Date

  • Dakota C.- Lead investigator
  • Holly R.- Lead Tech, investigator
  • Lexi S.- Lead Researcher, investigator