As teachers, we all know what we're supposed to do, but it's hard to actually get everything done! These apps are created help you with that age-old conundrum, and they're all made by teachers, so you can trust that they have been created for the right reasons. More apps will follow as the current ones succeed, so pass on the word :)

App 1: CFUs and Qs

This app provides scaffolded questions for every subject, grades K-12. These questions can be used for checking understanding, cognitive closure, formal and informal assessments, differentiation and more! It's especially helpful when planning for the Common Core, as each question matches the expected cognitive level of the new standards. This app was made by teachers of various contents to make your life easier, you deserve it, try it out!

App 2: Bloom's Taxonomy (estimated release date: February, 2013)
This app features all the levels of Bloom's with corresponding activities and end of lesson assessment questions. Simply choose your level (ie identify, describe, analyze, etc.) and then scroll through numerous activities that are aligned with that cognitive level! Underneath each activity you'll find a rigorous question to match that activity. Great for planning and revising lessons for the Common Core!