District/School Google Sites

Below are examples of School District and School Websites that have been created using Google Sites by Etter Ventures, as well as some as noted below, created directly by schools and districts.  
Some of these Sites are exceptional, while others are not so exceptional in the design, orientation, organization, page color selection.   Etter Ventures, LLC, is the premier Google Sites website development organization.  

Google Sites Districts and School Sites
Created by Etter Ventures, LLC

Google Sites Created by Other Organizations
and School Districts
Powell Township School District
Wauseon Exempted Village School
Maude Bishop Elementary School
Cannon Falls (MN) Area Schools
Gloucester Public Schools
The Homer-Center School District
Eaton Schools
Wolf Swamp Road School
Republic-Michigamme Schools
Towson High Music
Josiah Bartlett School
Carpiteria Unified School District
Mason Pilot Elementary School
Kihikihi School
Williams Middle School
Kellog School District 391
Pine River-Backus Schools
Rocky Channels School District
Northwestern School District
School Administrative Unit 23
Jefferson Village School
Guam Department of Education
Community Unit School District 20
Lake Regions School District

Below are examples of Google Sites websites that have been created for clubs, libraries, and teachers in support of their classrooms.

Ponderosa High School Drama Club
Cedar Park High School Choir Club
Lower School Library
Alta Vista Room 12 Blog
Amazing Race - MrG's 8th Grade Social Studies
Cheryl Davis's Digital Photography For All
Cheryl Davis's Social Studies Lesson Hard Times for Our Time
Creating an Interactive Portfolio with Google Sites
Dan McDowell: History Class Website
Dan McDowell's World History Class Website
Fremont Middle School's Holiday Site
Lisa Thumann's Resources
MaryFran Lynch's Weekly Classroom Website
Online Learning Circles
Vernal Pond's Project