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How To Use Local Sync (iTunes)

Now, you can share visual cue data through iTunes file sharing options.

Applicable apps:
Visual Cue (Lite): > version 3.7
Visual Working For (Lite): > version 3.6

1. You have new button called "Local Sync" on the bottom right.
 Visual Working For
Visual Cue [Tap Local Sync]              Working For [Tap sync button]

2. Tap the button, you will have a local sync screen.

* If you open the screen for the very first time, you may have the screen as follow:
(or you could have just Data processing error based on the version.)
It's pretty normal, you just need to Export data first.

3. On the iTunes, Your Device > Apps > File Sharing, you have the shared folder as follows. But you don't have any file until you export it.
4. You will have a file called "VisualCue_Data.cue" file after you export data. Basically, you can save the file to some safe place to make a backup. And from now on, you can share the backup file on your device or new purchased paid version without hassle to make data from scratch.
5. You can restore the backup data on the Local Sync screen by tapping Import button.