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How To Use Cloud Sync

Sorry, because of less popularity and technical issue, this feature is not available any more.
From version 3.0, you have a freedom to use cloud to share and sync your data.
This a brief instruction to help you how to sync it:

How to sync Visual Cue data via cloud

 Visual Cue [Tap Cloud Sync]       Working For [Tap cloud button]

You have a new button Cloud Sync. It will take you to the cloud.

If you don't have a username, you need to create one.
Enter your username and tap Check button

You can provide a password to keep your data private.

You got a user account, please tap Done button on the top right.

If you already got a username, you will see this screen when you tap Cloud Sync.
Your sync will be done for images, schedule, and choice data. 
They will have different colour based on their status respectively. 

From version 3.9, you can have only two choices import or export.
These processes are one-way, so you have to make it sure what are you going to update which side and wise to backup using iTunes.

You will have this synchronized screen if everything is looks ok.
You can synchronize as many devices as you have if you keep the same username.
For the moment, synchronization is done by accumulated way.
In other words, your lists keep growing by synchronization.