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How To Share via QR Code

From version 3.0, you have a freedom to use cloud to share and sync your data using QR code.
This a brief instruction to help you how to share it:

How to share Visual Cue data via cloud

You can share your choice (Which One) list or schedule (Visual Scheduler) list
by tapping Cloud button on the editor.


Now, you can share this QR code using share button on the top right by email, save to photo album, or copy.

You may need or want to create username to keep it private share i.e., require to check username for your allowed multiple devices.
Or you can share it as anonymous without creating account.

Once, you add a username, you need to check if it is duplicated or not.

If it is not duplicated, you can create an account by providing password.

Return to cloud upload page by tapping Done button, then tap share button on the top right.

Now you data is ready to share using QR code.

Basically, you can share your list by handout QR code associated with the list.