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Visual Talker - The Simplest AAC App Ever!



Although there are many AAC apps, this is the simplest and most practical tool for anyone who has a difficulty to speak.

Based on the sentences from real life, it will give you a great ability to express yourself in the way easier than ever!

All about Visual Talker is it can learn what you want to speak, the more you use the smarter it will be!

Visual Cue - transitional toy for visual thinkers
 autism, ASD, non-verbal, visual thinkers, scheduler, transitional toys, special education
Visual Cue
  • Making a simple app to give a visual cue for non-verbal children or visual learners. 
  • Show corresponding pictures on iPad/iPod/iPhone to let them know what is expected, what is going on, or what’s next, etc.
  • To make it easy to communicate with visual thinkers/learners.
A brand new way to give a visual cue for non-verbal children and/or visual thinkers.
Big or Small - check your children's verbal recognition
autism, speech, recognition, language, verbal delay, Applied Behaviour Analysis, developmental disorder, autistic spectrum disorder, ASD
This is the first app particularly support children with autistic spectrum disorder.
“Big or Small” provides a structured way to check and teach children’s ability for understanding spoken language and basic concept of size, amount, numbers. This app is for parents and children who might have a language delays or useful tool to check if their children on the right path.

This app has started from such a simple question:
----- At 30 months, does your child -----
* Understand concepts such as “big” and “small”?

So this app is very simple and small tool to check if your children have any language delay in terms of the question. However, it would provide more complicated concepts including amount and numbers to make your children understood those concepts with progress tracking.

Visual Working For - expect what's next
autism, ASD, non-verbal, visual thinkers, scheduler, working for borad, visual reinforcement 
Visual Working For board


The way to ease the anxiety during a scheduled task is by using a working for board.


These boards provide some predictability during a scheduled task and allow the children to understand what is coming next. It is useful to increase the expectations before the student receives reinforcement.


Another natural progression would be to increase the number of scheduled activities that a child is exposed to at one time, often done in a schedule format.


MagLetters - Hyperlexia? Asperger's? Or just love letters and numbers? 
autism, speech, recognition, language, verbal delay, Applied Behaviour Analysis, developmental disorder, autistic spectrum disorder, ASD
inally, you can have magnetic letters on your iPad/iPhone & iPhone touch. MagLetters allows you to make words using appealing magnetic letters, numbers and symbols. If you want to bring magnetic letters and a fridge wherever you go, this is for you!  It is also equipped with a phonic voice, which will help teach kids their abc’s and numbers while having fun. MagLetters will give you an amazing experience with what happens on the fridge door.
Messages from AME:
All our product are also available as a lite version. 100% free! You can evaluate it before buying a paid version.
  • MagLetters Lite version is also available.