ChinYang's APPs

Here you can find all of my android apps published in the Google Play Store (Android Market).

Please contact me by Email if you have any issues with these Apps

* If you want localization for your language and can help out, please email me. Thanks. *
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xShortcut, short for eXtreme Shortcut, is a handy android app that allows users to quickly create different types of homescreen shortcuts. -- for Android 2.2+
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xShortcut LITE: It allows you to directly select the active activity/window/screen as a shortcut. - download it now. This is a FREE app.

You can also get a FULL version of xShortcut on the Play Store.
(The FULL version allows you to keep all the created shortcuts data for later use, including the shortcut icons (binary data))

 aBacklighter, short for App Backlighter, introduces a new brightness mode called "Custom Mode" that allows you to customize and automatically adjust the brightness level for individual apps and even screens (aka activities/windows) on your android devices (for Android 2.2+). Also included is an Outdoor Brightness that is automatically used when you are outdoor (i.e. high ambient light).
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 aBacklighter LITE : * Take full control of your screen brightness today with aBacklighter LITE - download it now. This is a FREE app.

You can also get a FULL version of aBacklighter on the Play Store

(The FULL version supports an unlimited number of custom brightness settings.)