5.7:  Activity - Website Evaluation Form
You will be creating a Google Form/Survey to assess the validity and organization of a website. The Google Form should professionally research how the common website is organized, is easy to navigate and understand, is effective and is properly working. The form you are creating is to be used to critique the Sierra Club website and to be sent to the audience upon any contact with the company digitally and also placed on the website as a link.

  1. Create a new Google Form. Title the form Website Evaluation. The subheading should read: “We value and appreciate your input. This survey is for the evaluation of our website in how it is organized. It shall assess the navigation of, effectiveness and the proper working of said website. All responses are anonymous and shall be kept proprietary to the Sierra Club. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding this survey to info@sierraclub.org.
  2. Choose a theme for the survey that is professional and coordinates with the image of the Sierra Club.
  3. Insert the logo to the right at the top of your survey.
  4. The Form will have the following 9 questions (as listed below). You will need to determine how to properly organize (what order) and what question type to use for each. You will also need to create appropriate responses (either forced-choice or open-ended) for the audience to select and respond to. Please rely on forced choice question format for the question types (although open-ended questions may apply to some).
    • Why are you visiting sierraclub.org?
    • Please rate the ease of navigation of our website.
    • Did you find the information you were looking for on our website?
    • What information were you not able to find on our website?
    • The information on the website met my needs.
    • The links on the website are current and working.
    • Would you recommend our website to others?
    • Overall, how does our website compare to similar websites you have visited?
    • Please tell us any suggestions you have for improving our website.

  5. It is important that the survey is easy to navigate, understand and complete. The more difficult the survey, the less likely the audience will accurately and successfully complete the survey. Proofread your survey carefully in the final online form to verify that everything is as you intended and correct, free from error.
  6. Make those questions that you see necessary are required questions. Do not have users sign in to complete this survey. All responses are to be kept anonymous.
  7. Upon completion, turn in your published survey URL to your teacher. You will not be surveying other students.

Nice work.  You have completed section 5 on Google Forms.
Now move on to section 6 on Google Drive.