4.8:  Activity - Conditional Formatting & Sorting
 See detailed directions below...

  1. Download and save to file: Conditional Formatting and Sort data file (available below as an attachment)
  2. Open Google Spreadsheets. Title new spreadsheet as Conditional Formatting and Sort.
  3. Under File, click on Import. Select “Insert new sheet(s)”, then choose the above file you just saved to your file and import it.
  4. Rename the worksheet (bottom left hand corner) as Formatting and Sort. Delete all other empty worksheets.
  5. Hide Column B
  6. Merge the following cells
    • A4:D4
    • A19:D19
    • G18:J18
  7. Adjust Column A to fit data.
  8. Type in today’s date in A4 and your name after Prepared by: in A19.
  9. Bold Row A1:K3. Change the cell color to red and the text color to white.
  10. Bold Row 6. Click on Wrap Text button. Adjust column widths to fit data as needed.
  11. Bold G18:K18
  12. Highlight H7:H16. Apply the following two conditional formatting rules (under the Format menu):
    • Greater Than 2, Background is neon green 
    • Is Between 1 and 2, Background is neon yellow 
  13. Highlight I7:I16. Apply the following two conditional formatting rules (under the Format menu):
    • Apply Greater Than 16, Text is Red 
  14. Highlight A6:K6. Click on the Filter button .
  15. Sort by A to Z by Last Name.
  16. Submit to your teacher (with the ability to edit).
Kurt Wismer,
Mar 31, 2015, 6:14 AM