3.4:  Activity - Create a Google Presentation (Google Slides)
Recreate the presentation below Google Presentation. 
  1. Use Google Drawing within Google Documents for any artwork or illustrations that need to be incorporated (as needed). 
  2. Use dynamic images and backgrounds. Find images/maps online (Google Images, high resolution size filter) that relate to each slide and the overall topic for the background and secondary imagery. 
  3. Use a template if desired (or use a template from Slides Carnival).  
  4. Keep the font choices professional (headings, sub-headings, and content) consistent. 
  5. Keep all colors thematic and consistent.  
    • Work within a palette of colors (use Adobe Color for help)
  6. Add slide transitions as appropriate.
  7. For some other great pro-tips, check out Embarrassing Mistakes to Avoid, how to Choose a Brilliant Background, and how to Overlay Text on Images.
  8. Title the presentation as Capital Presentation.
Turn in your Presentation to your teacher. Be sure to grant commenting rights to the teacher.