2.8:  Activity - Create a Document with a Table
Documents with tables are used for communication of data or content graphically organized. They may be used both in and outside of businesses or organizations. They can be included in a memo, personal or business

Proper formatting of a document with tables and many other forms of correspondence and documents can be referenced in the FBLA Formatting Guide.

The example below clearly details the proper formatting of a document with a table.

Some rules when creating a document with a table:
  • Bold titles and column headings.
  • Column headings may be centered over column or blocked at left of column.
  • Tables using both one­ and two ­line column headings should be aligned at the bottom of the cell.
  • For two ­line column headings in tables without grid lines, underline the bottom word of the heading.
  • Gridlines are optional unless otherwise stated.
  • If gridlines are not used, underline column headings and DS after heading.
  • Do not include $ with dollar amounts in columns. Dollar signs may be placed in Total Row.
  • All columns containing numbers should be right or decimal aligned.
  • All columns containing text should be left aligned.
  • The body of the table may be single or double spaced.
  • Tables within another document should be centered horizontally unless otherwise indicated. 
  • DS before and after the table.
  • Gridlines should not be used in titles.
Activity: Using Google Docs, create the above document with a table. Any (QS) or (DS) as listed are a guide for spacing. Use today's date. Title the document as
Table Doc 2.8 and turn in to your teacher with the ability to comment.  Your document will look like this example when complete.