Approximate Bayesian Computation in Rome

Sapienza Università di Roma
30-31 May 20 13                                                                                                                

We are organizing a one-and-a-half day meeting, ABC in Rome (ABCiR), on recent advances in approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) methods at Sapienza. Since the previous meetings, in Paris and London, the field has seen rapid progress and increased application of ABC methods in a number of scientific areas, in particular in population, evolutionary and systems biology. There have also been important advances in the development of efficient numerical implementations, and the increased use of ABC for model selection has given rise to new conceptual and fundamental challenges.

ABCiR will bring together some of the leading researchers in the field of ABC, who will present the state of the art in
- applications of ABC to real world problems
- recent computational advances in ABC
- comparative efficiency of ABC methods with respect to altenative methodologies
- model selection and model checking in the ABC framework.


Mark Beaumont (School of Biological Sciences, Univ of Bristol)
Brunero Liseo (MEMOTEF, Sapienza) local chair,
Christian Robert (Paris-Dauphine)
Michael Stumpf (Theoretical Systems Biology,Imperial College London)
Simon Tavaré (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)

Local contacts

Brunero Liseo
Marilena Barbieri
Serena Arima
Andrea Tancredi
Silvia Polettini
Luca Tardella 
It is sponsored by Sapienza Universita' di Roma
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