April 27: Teaching the War of 1812

On April 27th we will be holding the last workshop of the 2010/11 school year. This workshop will be focused on teaching the War of 1812. The evening will begin by a tour of Fort York followed by three short presentations by Richard Haynes, Karen Dearlove and Carolyn King.  Richard will share his thoughts on teaching history at Fort York.  Karen will be discussing one of her upcoming projects as part of the Ontario Visual Heritage Project: “Rural Raids and Divided Loyalties: Southwestern Ontario and the War of 1812.” Carolyn’s presentation will focus on including Aboriginal perspectives in how we teach the War of 1812.  These presentations will be followed by an open discussion where workshop participants will be able to share the ways that they are planning on teaching the War of 1812, and explore the possibilities for teaching this subject on the eve of its 200th anniversary.