Appreciative Appraisals

Published articles

Giles, D. L., & Kung, S. (2014). Revisiting student’s learning experiences appreciatively: Findings from a course evaluation using an Appreciative Inquiry process.  Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, 6(2), 215-230.

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Giles, D. L. & Alderson, S. (2004). Enabling dialogue: An appreciative inquiry into student's transformative
learning experiences with a Family Literacy project.  Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on the New Zealand Association of Bridging Educators, AUT University, Auckland, September.

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(2010). Working with experiential stories: Interpretive writing and appreciative appraisals that sensitise professional practice.Key note workshop to the National Conference of the New Zealand Childcare Association, Marlborough Convention Centre, July 11.  Oct 19, 2011, 7:02 AM David Giles
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