'Relational Being'

    Professor David Giles

    Professor of Education (Leadership & Management)
    Flinders University,
    South Australia


9 - 11 July 2018, CAIRNS, the 3rd International Dialogue on Relational Leadership and Learning

The following link provides for the conference details for the

inaugural Engaging with lived experiences:
Hermeneutic Phenomenology in action conference

Not to be missed. 11-12 April 2016.
Flinders University, Adelaide

9 March 2016
A second edition of our book entitled "Co-constructing a relational approach to Educational Leadership and Management" will be launched early March with a changed title, significantly more information and insights from two new authors - Dr Andrew Bills & Dr Bev Rogers.  The new text is entitled "Teaching within a relational approach to Educational Leadership"

Co-constructing a relational approach to Educational Leadership and Management
by Giles, Bell, Halsey, Palmer

Keynote to
International Dialogue:
Relational Leadership and Learning for hope-full and sustainable futures

Other sites of interest

Interested in hermeneutic phenomenological research?
  • An amazing and succint address on the storylines within phenomenological research

Giles, D.L. (2015). Exploring teacher-student relationships with hermeneutic phenomenology.  
Germany : Lambert Press
  • This 2015 text opens my approach to this challenging metthodology.  
  • For an understanding of the method, see chapters 4 & 5.
  • For am application of the method to research on the teacher-student relationship, see chaps 6-8.

Professor David Giles

Flinders University,

South Australia

Appreciative News

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Relational News

  • Hearing about phenomenology Hearing about phenomenolgyABC talkback
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  • Making my thesis accessible I have had increasing interest in my doctoral thesis alongside the difficulties of downloading the document.  Particular interest focuses on the 'how to' of phenomenological research; the focus of chapters ...
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  • Presentation to the Higher Education Teaching and Learning
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  • My article on relational sensibilities Giles, D. (2014). Appreciatively Building Higher Educator’s Relational Sensibilities. The Journal of Meaning-Centered Education. Volume 2, Article 1, http://www.meaningcentered.org/appreciatively-building-higher-educators-relational-sensibilities
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