'Timber' privacy policy

This policy explains how we, at App-Machine, handle user information collected for the application 'Timber'. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy, and how we treat personally identifiable information collected from our users.

1) Authentication token: Authentication token from Facebook is stored locally within the app and also in the secure cloud services provided by Microsoft Corporation, to provide seamless login within all your Windows based devices. We have no access to authentication token of any user and app does NOT share this information with us. The app however shares the authentication token with Tinder, Inc which may use this to access facebook information like name, age, friends list etc. and is subject to privacy policy of Tinder, Inc.

2) Phone number: The application may require phone verification for some users. The phone numbers are not shared with us. Phone numbers taken for verification are shared with Tinder, Inc. and is subject to privacy policy of Tinder, Inc.as given below

3) Location: The application collects GPS/network based location of the device which are essential for Tinder services. This location is not shared with us. The location latitude/longitude are stored in secure cloud services provided by Microsoft Corporation to provide seamless location detection across all your Windows devices.

4) Other personal information: The application collects and stores personally identifiable information such as name, age, gender, etc. locally and on the cloud. This information is not directly shared with us.

The app may use crash analytics services of other companies. These analytics help us to fix bugs from crash reports. Demographic details, Device name, make, model, etc. may be collected during this process. We will not share/sell this information to any third party. We will take all necessary steps to keep this information secure.

Timber may display in-app advertisements including personalized ads that Microsoft believes may be of interest to you. Microsoft Advertising may also use third-party ad companies to display advertisements in applications that use our ad platform. When they do so, they may send a unique ID to those third parties with the ad request. You may opt out of receiving personalized ads from Microsoft Advertising, and discontinue sending a unique ID to third-party ad networks used by Microsoft Advertising, by visiting our opt-out page. Just sign in with the Microsoft account you have associated with your Windows Phone and that you use to access the Store, and select the Personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft account opt-out option. For more information about how Microsoft Advertising collects and uses information, please see the Microsoft Advertising Privacy Statement

It is implied by the use of this application, that you agree to the terms and privacy policy of Tinder, Inc. 'Timber' uses the services of Tinder and the above collected user information is shared with Tinder, Inc. The privacy policy of tinder is given in the following link:

If users have any uncertainty about this Privacy Policy or questions, complaints, or comments on the handling of personal information related to the Service, users are asked to contact us at app-machine@outlook.com